Today’s vatnik hails from the island of Albion also know as the land of tea, fish & chips, man in white wigs and BREXIT (about which our hero is really proud of!). We are of course talking about non other than the infamous Donbass blogger and the lost son of Cone-head family – GRAHAM PHILLIPS (may his bold head be blessed by Stalin’s eternal love).

Old British legend says that lil’ Graham was born in Nottingham to unknown parents and raised by Russian speaking rats in the city’s sewers. Grahams first crib was made out of old Soviet television set RADUGA 706, thus the lust for all things Kremlin (facts may wary 😉 )

After graduating from college, Graham worked for UK’s Central Office of Information, but in 2010 he moved to Ukraine where he mainly focused on freelancing and blogging, mostly about football. Apparently his condition – pro-Kremlin brain tumor – was still in development.

His time to shine was marked at the end of 2013 during the Maidan protests in Kyiv. Graham was recruited by the Russian propaganda machine RUSSIA TODAY and the FSB (later he even received a medal from them!)

Since that time our hero – the ENGLISH CHEKIST – became what would be later known as one of the most annoying pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

For the next couple of years his bold head would show in almost every Russian propaganda story about Donbass. Graham fully embraced his new role, he became a full time Donbass citizen and even married one of the local underage girls (which literally made him a pro-Kremlin pedobear!).

In 2016, the infamous pedo-beast of Donbass visited Latvia, but after some minor provocations was thrown out of the country never to be back again.

If you want to say a personal “hi” to mister Graham „pedobear” Phillips, check out his FB page here –

P.S. We made this post in English specially for this autistic f**k, so please help us spread the word about this beautiful bold man to wider audience! 😂

Many thanks!

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